Le Dinastie

Wines from Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepò Pavese has always been a territory with an agricultural vocation which offers to the visitor a panorama made of vast fields, sweet hills and woods that seem to be placed to protect the luxuriant vineyards. A territory that “Le Dinastie” respects and appreciates, in respect of an ancient tradition.

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Currently “Le Dinastie” refers to Alberici, Novarini and Alessi families.

Alberici family manages 10 hectares of land located in the municipality of Broni / Cigognola, dedicated to the production of Pinot, Riesling and Bonarda. It owns a small winery from which comes out an important red reserve wine.

Novarini is a family of lawyers and entrepreneurs with many interests, not least the economic and commercial development of the company.

Alessi is a historical winery which currently owns 32 hectares of vineyards located in the commune of Broni, in which are cultivated grapes for the production of Pinot as well as for the production of high quality red wines; in the commune of Volpara is produced the renowned Moscato. The winery, located in the panoramic “Poggio Alessi”, is capable of producing 1,000,000 bottles.

“Le Dinastie” renews in its production the passion for nature, for the respect of the environment and for the satisfaction that comes from creating high quality products. For us it is imperative not to forcefully work the land, the use of non-invasive pesticides, the topping of the red grapes, the use of organic farming products.